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Big businesses VS small and local

You’ve seen it time and again:

The little coffee shop around the corner turned into a Vida e Café. Your local restaurant is now a Spur. When was the last time you saw a bottle store that hasn’t been taken over by Liquor City?

Sure, franchises can offer you slightly better prices, and it’s comforting to know that you can expect to receive a (more or less) uniform product from any branch that you visit.

But is it worth it?

Do you really want to see the end of uniqueness?

Is the convenience of uniformity worth more to you than the personal touch of people who are truly invested in their business?

It’s all about the numbers

Big businesses can shave fractions off their prices. They know how to work the numbers.

But the price you pay for these lower prices is this:

They only care about the numbers, and to them, you’re just a number too.

What’s wrong with corporations?

With a family owned business like Eros Florist, you deal directly with the people in charge.

Have you ever had your flights messed around at the airport, and you’re just so mad that you want to shout at the person who just delivered the bad news?

I know I have.

But I didn’t shout at them.


Because I knew that the person I was dealing with was in no way involved in the mistakes that lead to my problem. There was no way for me to express my grievances to the people who really did cause the issues.

This means that the people in charge aren’t held morally accountable for their actions by those whom they actually effect. Sure, if they enrage enough people to the point that their ticket sales drop then they will feel the pain in their pockets, but they will never see the sad and angry faces of the people who suffer because of their business decisions.

What makes a family owned florist better?

Floristry is one of the few industries in South Africa that has not yet been completely dominated by corporations.

Today you can still receive service with a smile from the people who have owned, run, and organised their florist under their own initiative.

While a huge corporate entity may promise you quicker delivery, if they fail to deliver you will be sentenced to dealing with their call centre. In the end it will be you who gets punished for their error, not them.

Big corporations treat their employees like drones: they make sure that they only know just enough to do their work.

At a family owned florist you can rely on expert advice from a person like our very own Beatrice, who has very extensive qualifications and experience in floristry.

Do you want to be the change our society needs?

We need to stop focusing on speed, and start focusing on quality. We need to realise that small cost savings aren’t worth the time that gets lost in future hassles.

Most of all, we need to realise that a corporate dominated world is not the type of world that we want to live in. If we want our society to be as unique, vibrant, and bright as a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then we need to support individuality.

We need to support families.

We need to choose the small, local businesses who are willing to go the extra mile for us.

Visit Eros Florist today to support a truly authentic, family owned flower buying experience. We will treat you like a friend – not a number – because our customers are our friends.

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