Fynbos Bubble and Goodies Gift Set




Fynbos Bubble and Goodies Gift Set

Take your tastebuds on a luxurious journey with the Fynbos bubble and goodies gift set. This indulgent collection brings together the finest bubbly, chocolate, and sweets for a truly decadent experience.

Pop open the refreshing Cape Fynbos Bubbly Rose and pour into the elegant champagne flute included in the set. Savor the effervescent flavor as the bubbles dance on your tongue.

Let the silky Beyers chocolate, fruit-filled chocolates, and rich Lindt balls melt slowly in your mouth, releasing an explosion of flavor. The buttery nougat adds another layer of sweet delight.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or treating yourself, the Fynbos bubble and goodies gift set is the ultimate way to indulge your sweet tooth. Surprise someone special with this taste sensation today.

2 x 250 ml  Cape Fynbos Bubbly Rose cans.

2 x 100 g slabs Beyers chocolate

1 x 150g  Beyers fruit centre coated with milk chocolate ( various flavours )

175g Lindt balls ( 14 balls ) ( various flavours )

140g Wedgewood Nougat ( various flavours )

1 x champagne tumbler – with a decorative motive – this may differ from this image .


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